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We are

BVVS Kerala

BVVS (Kerala)  has been formed to work together  towards our nation’s progress based on national integration. It aims at  strengthening the brethren community of traders , industrialist and startups and to bring them under one umbrella of nation.

Economic development  plays a major role  in the development of any country. Large and small scale industries play a key task in shaping the economy of the country.

When rulers strive towards the development of our nation there exists on the other part people who try to cheat others  for their own political and financial gains.

Let us maintain truthfulness ,reliability, equality and brotherhood among our selves  and safeguards public interests beyond political and religious and regional boundaries giving prime importance for the progress of traders and industrialist. We shall strive together aiming towards the national welfare and progress by nurturing a co-operative mentality and simultaneously  work for the prosperity and uplift of the traders fraternity.